Interview with Darius Hargrove:

Why you choose BC Mures?

Well I always wanted to play for Mures! I was close to sign a few times before... i always felt like it was a good fit for me.

You are the longest foreigner player in the Romanian championship. It's mean you like in Romania. Why?

Yes I was there many years ago in Ploiesti and to be honest I hated it at first. I like Romania yes I played in few other countries as well but Romania has been really good to me..

And what is your personal target in the next season?

My personal goals are to get back to full strength and to help the team in anyway I can...

Martinic, Reed and Mladenovic and of course the romanian guys. You played against them. And the new player Mijovic, who will play for the first time in Romania. How you see our team for the next season?

 Well we have good name on paper for sure and great players also I think once we all get use to each other and bond on and off the court we gonna be a real dangerous team.