Mureș Basketball Club

    The Baschet Club Mureş was founded in 2000 on the base of the Law nr. 69/2000, regarding the physical education and sport activity. The club continued with de the team and staff of the former Altius Sports Foundation. In 2003, after remained without financial support, the club has suspended activity, which was reactivated after one year, with a new management. In the new formula, the club used the former Sport Identification Certficate only.

   In the new structure the senior team begun the season in Division B, but only after one year they promoted in the Division A, where they activate also in the present. In time, several youth and children groups were founded, which participate with success in different national championships in their own category. Although the club had for a period a women team also, in the present focuses on the male basketball only.

The colors of the club are the traditional colors in Târgu-Mureş basketball, colors also used in the official flag of the municipality, white and blue. The team uses regularly white equipment for the home games and blue for the away games.

The logo represents two schematic basketball players in blue, who are fighting for an orange ball above the basket. The inscription Baschet Club Mureş is rotated 90 degrees on the left part of the image, using Serpentine Italic Bold fonts. The mascot of the team is a tiger named Tigris, with basketball equipment and a ball in his hand.

Rooster history

Season 2010/11

Players: Daniel Pătru, Nicholas Covington, Liviu Dumitru, Pascu Norbert, Aleksandar Mladenovic, Jason Forte, Gytis Sirutavicius, Andrei Căpuşan, Eddy Barlow Mayfield, Jason Straight, Mihai Buciuman, Vlad Pora, Flavius Lăpuște, Jakab Cristian, Dwight Alexis Lewis, JuJuan Cooley, Gabriel Hallai.
Coahces: Déri Csaba, Szászgáspár Barnabás

Season 2011/12

Players: Virgil Stănescu, Liviu Dumitru, Balázs Baczó, Calvin Watson, Jason Forte, Gabriel Oltean, Adrian Tudor, Alin Borşa, Adrian Oprea, Miladin Pekovic, Flavius Lăpuşte, Uros Mirkovic, Mikalai Aliakseyeu, Radu Paliciuc, Daniel Uţă, Jujuan Cooley, Gabriel Hallai.
Coahces: Déri Csaba, Szászgáspár Barnabás

Season 2012/13

Players: Liviu Dumitru, Balázs Baczó, Barro Ousmane, Andrija Ciric, Vaidotas Peciukas, Alin Borșa, Dan Păltinișanu, Tudor Jucan, Cristian Jakab, Gediminas Navickas, Matija Ceskovic.
Coahces: Srecko Sekulovic, Szászgáspár Barnabás

Season 2013/14

Players: Adrian Oprea, Alexandru Mihuţi, Goran Martinic, Silviu Lupusavei, Alexandar Mladenovic, Andrija Ciric, Vaidotas Peciukas, Ivan Ivanovic, Norbert Steff, Ivan Jelenic, Teodor Jucan, Cristian Jakab, Gediminas Navickas, Dan Păltinişanu, Denham Brown, Balázs Baczó.
Coahces: Srecko Sekulovic, Szászgáspár Barnabás

Season 2014/15